13th Annual Smart Growth Summit

Vision Long Island is proud to announce the schedule for the 2014 Smart Growth Summit! This year’s event features 24 workshop panels, a youth summit, trade show, and both breakfast and lunch sessions. We anticipate over 1,100 in attendance. Lunch will sell out, so sponsor early!

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The Smart Growth Summit has brought together thousands of local business and community leaders, and municipal officials for more than a decade to advance downtown redevelopment and bring infrastructre dollars to our region. This year’s event features 24 workshop panels, a youth summit, trade show, and both breakfast and lunch sessions. We anticipate over 1,100 in attendence. Lunch will sell out, so sponsor early!

Announcing this year’s Event Schedule:

7:45-8:15    REGISTRATION

8:15-9:45    MORNING PLENARY:

Opening Remarks:

Kenneth Daly

National Grid



Hon. Judi Bosworth

North Hempstead

Town Supervisor

Hon. Frank Petrone


Town Supervisor

Hon. Ed Romaine


Town Supervisor

Hon. Anna Throne-Holst


Town Supervisor

Hon. Tom Croci


Town Supervisor

Hon. Antonio Martinez

Babylon Deputy

Town Supervisor

Hon. Ed Ambrosino


Town Councilman

Hon. Jim Wooten


Town Councilman

Hon. Peter Cavallaro

Westbury Village Mayor

NC Village Officials Association

Hon. Ralph Scordino

Babylon Village Mayor

SC VIllage Officials Association

Hon. Scott Straus


Village Mayor

Hon. Robert Kennedy


Village Mayor

Joye Brown




Workshops I:  9:55-11:05

Fair Housing/Segregation on LI

Housing discrimination still exists on Long Island in certain neighborhoods. This workshop will provide updates on fair housing policies and strategies to address them. This group of speakers includes developers, housing nonprofits and elected officials.Sol Marie Jones, LI Community Foundation

Dr. Richard Koubek, Huntington Township Housing Coalition

Peter Florey, D&F Development

Hon. Siela Bynoe, Nassau County

Michelle Santantonio, Long Island Housing Services

Larry Levy, Hofstra University, Moderator


Youth Vision for LI’s Future

The Brain Drain has become old news – some young professionals are fleeing Long Island. Limited, expensive housing options, lack of jobs and a shortage of entertainment are common complaints. This panel will take input from several millennials and members of the LI Youth Summit and identify solutions.

Jeff Giullot, Millennial Development Institute

David Viana, Baldwin Civic Association

Elisabeth Muehlemann, Friends of LI

Dr. Nathalia Rogers, Dowling College, Moderator


Retail Opportunities

Main Street has been transformed across Long Island. Downtown shop owners and chambers of commerce representatives will discuss what opportunities and best practices exist for healthy shopping districts in this discussion.

Melissa Wawrzonek, Clipper Ship Tea Company

Julie Marchesella, Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce

Gina Colletti, Nesconset Chamber of Commerce

Molly McKay, Willdan Financial Services

Bob Feldman, Basser-Kaufman, Moderator


Public Safety

Police officers can prevent crime on Main Street, but they’re not the only ones. Adding pedestrians to downtowns improves overall safety, as can community organizations, youth programs and private security systems.  Representatives from both, as well as a retired SCPD chief, will speak in this panel.Robert Dubrow, I-Tech Security

Sergio Argueta, STRONG

Lionel Chitty, Hicksville Chamber of Commerce

Elizabeth Isakson MD, Docs for Tots

Robert Moore, SC Police Retired, Moderator


Downtown Showcase Nassau

What’s happening in Nassau County? Elected officials from four communities with strong downtowns will give updates on current and future projects. Complete Streets projects are a highlight in Great Neck Plaza, while the arts are alive in Westbury with the Space at Westbury attracting high-end performances and the Greater Westbury Council for the Arts organizing community events. Mineola officials showed off new housing options during the first Smart Growth Saturday in May. Meanwhile, Freeport officials are promoting the Nautical Mile while trying create redevelopment and entice more pedestrians near Sunrise Highway

Hon. Jean Celender, Village of Great Neck Plaza

Hon. Peter Cavallaro, Village of Westbury

Hon. Jorge Martinez, Village of Freeport

Hon. Joseph Scalero, Village of Mineola

Sal Coco, BHC

John O’Connell, Herald Publications, Moderator


Complete Streets

Over the past several decades, our streets have gone from public spaces shared by all members of society to get from place to place, to cars only spaces, engineered for speed without much consideration for other users or the surrounding context.  Complete Streets provide space for all users of the roadway: drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and the disabled, to safely use the road.  They can also serve not only as parts of the transportation network, but as public spaces that add value to the surrounding area.  Learn about Complete Streets policy and design for Long Island.

Will Stoner, AARP

Ali Adelman Wendel Companies

Frank Pearson, Greenman Pedersen

Kimberly Pettit, BikeLid

John Massengale, Author, Street Design, The Secret to Great Cities and Towns

Veronica Vanderpool, Tri-State Transportation Campaign, Moderator


Financing TOD

Transit Oriented Development creates nodes of walkable development in areas surrounding transit stops.  This mixed use development may not always fit into the prescribed financing categories banks use for lending.  Learn about different, innovative ways to help finance this type of development to eliminate one of the hurdles to creating more livable, sustainable places.

Bob Paley, MTA

Andrew Saluk, NEFCU

Matt Frank, The Richman Group

Bill Purschke, Zodiac Title Services

Gerry Bogacz, NYMTC

Anthony Mannetta, Standard Advisors Group


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy and  energy efficiency are a crucial part of fueling our economy without causing irreparable damage to our climate and environment.  Learn about ways that Long Islanders can better utilize a range of renewable energy sources.

Clint Plummer, Deepwater Wind

David Scheiren, Empower Solar

Beth Fiteni, NYSERDA

Hon. Connie Kepert, Town of Brookhaven, Moderator


Economic Development & Infrastructure Suffolk

Infrastructure are one of the key ways that government can help spur economic development.  Infrastructure can allow businesses to thrive by allowing for growth, providing efficient transportation between locations, and creating public spaces that enhance the value of their surroundings.  Learn what Suffolk County is doing to help businesses thrive within the county particularly in aiding Smart Growth projects in our downtowns and the creation of new town centers.

Hon. DuWayne Gregory, Presiding Officer, Suffolk County

Joanne Mineri, Suffolk County IDA

David Calone, Suffolk Planning Commission

Bob Fonti, LI Business Council


Workshops II: 11:10-12:20

Downtown Showcase-Suffolk

In the wake of Smart Growth Saturday, a number of downtowns are capitalizing on opportunities to strengthen and grow their communities. Patchogue officials will touch on new housing options and entertainment options, like the Emporium and the Patchogue Theater for the Performing Arts. Bay Shore had been a rough town not too long ago, but a focus on a safe and appealing downtown helped attract tenants to new apartment buildings. And in Coram, construction is underway on Wincoram Commons. The extensive mixed-use project will create a much-needed community center and connect to another new housing development.

Hon. Paul Pontieri, Village of Patchogue

Larry Gargano, Greenview Properties, Bayshore

Erma Gluck, Coram Civic Association

Dan Schrafel, The Long Islander, Moderator


Tourism & Downtowns

With beautiful beaches, the Hamptons on one end and New York City on the other, why leave the region when it’s time to vacation? Long Island is a community of communities, each with their own identity and opportunities. Villages and downtown communities offer a wide variety of boutique shops and restaurants to enjoy. Listen to tourism experts, a municipality’s tourism boss and a videographer who’s featured a number of the island’s towns on screen in this workshop.

Kim Kaiman, Town of North Hempstead

Dr. Janice Scarinci, St. Josephs College

Karen Harding, THEM Media

Greg Zeller, LI Business News, Moderator


Jobs, Taxes, Small Business

Job development is the no. 1 issue facing Long Islanders. This panel of employers, business incubators, nonprofits and elected officials will discuss opportunities in downtowns and the proposed NYS small business savings legislation.

William Wahlig, LIFT

Tyler Roye, Launchpad Huntington

Kamlesh Mehta, South Asian Times

Tonya Lewter, New Millenium Development

Hon. George Maragos, Comptroller, Nassau County

Roger Clayman, LI Federation of Labor, Moderator


Future of Energy on Long Island

How will Long Island meet its future energy needs?  Hear from leaders in the energy industry on Long Island how Long Island will move forward with managing our energy supply.

Michael Voltz, PSEG

Sean Mongan, National Grid

Ross Ain, Caithness Energy

Richard Kessel

Neal Lewis, Sustainability Institute at Molloy, Moderator


Transit Opportunities

Long Island has the most highly used commuter transit system in the world.  However, Long Islanders need transit to travel around the island, not just into the city.  Learn about what is being done to improve transit island-wide.

Mitch Pally, MTA

Alex Matheissen, Move NY

Anita Halasz, LI Jobs with Justice

Rosemary Mascali, Transit Solutions

John McNally, Energeia Partnership

Jill Simonson, Southwest Airlines

Denise Carter, Greenman Pedersen, Moderator



Water quality is an issue that affects all Long Islanders.   Living above our water supply presents challenges to keeping it safe for us to drink. Learn what is being done to help protect our groundwater and surface waters while still allowing for growth on Long Island.

Dennis Kellerer, H2M

Gary Rozmus, GEI

Peter Scully, NYS DEC

Dr. Chris Gobler, SUNY Stonybrook

Adrienne Esposito, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Moderator


Healthy Communities

Our health is impacted in many ways by the environment in which we live.  Those who live in walkable communities tend to have lower obesity rates, and better health than those who are stuck driving to every destination.  Learn how your community can affect your lifestyle and subsequently your health.

Hon. Laura Curran, Nassau County

Hon. Dr. William Spencer, Suffolk County

Kathy Munsch, American Heart Association

Jen O’Connor, Council for Strong Communities

Rev. Thomas Goodhue, LI Council of Churches

Bernadette Martin, Friends & Farmers, Moderator


Economic Development & Infrastructure Nassau

Infrastructure is one of the key ways that government can help spur economic development.  Infrastructure can allow businesses to thrive by allowing for growth, providing efficient transportation between locations, and creating public spaces that enhance the value of their surroundings.  Learn what Nassau County is doing to help businesses thrive within the county.

Hon. Norma Gonsalves, Presiding Officer, Nassau County

Joe Kearney, Nassau County IDA

Jeff Greenfeld, Nassau Planning Commission

Mike Denicola, Hazen & Sawyer

Hon. Ed Ambrosino, Town of Hempstead

Rich Bivone, LI Business Council, Moderator


Education & Economic Development  11:10-12:20

The economics of education is almost as challenging as the business of teaching and learning.  The costs associated with delivering services have made School Districts weigh in on development projects while seeking alternative solutions with their own facilities.  This panel will tackle the changing nature of school districts on Long Island and provide a look as to what issues they are facing.

Dr. Linda Lippman, Islip School District

Dr. Patrick Harrigan, Half Hollow Hills School District

Steve Krieger, Engel Burman

Mark Grossman, Suffolk Community College, Moderator


LUNCH: 12:30-2:00

Opening Messages:

Don Monti

Renaissance Downtowns

Eric Alexander

Vision Long Island


Featured Speakers

Hon. Steve Bellone

Suffolk County Executive

Hon. Ed Mangano

Nassau County Executive


Workshops III: 2:00-4:00

Parking, Design and Codes

Parking can be both crucial for a downtown’s survival and detrimental to its health all depending on how it is designed and managed.  Not enough and it can discourage shoppers, too much and it can harm the walkability of the downtown which is what makes it successful.  Learn about parking management best practices, regulations and strategies downtowns on Long Island and beyond are using to manage this resource.

Mark Gander, AECOM/Green Parking Council

Robert Bontempi, Huntington Chamber of Commerce

Victor Dadras, New York Main Street Alliance

Kathleen Deegan Dickson, Forchelli Curto Deegan

Sean Sallie, Nassau County Dept. of Public Works.

Elissa Ward Kyle, Vision Long Island, Moderator


New Town Centers

While Long Island has seen improvements to many downtowns with small, incremental development, several large projects are transforming downtowns and creating new ones.  Learn about the progress on some of the larger Smart Growth development projects happening across the island.

David Wolkoff, Heartland Town Square

Robert Coughlan, TRITEC Real Estate, Ronkonkoma

Tom Graham, RXR – Garvies Point

Stephen Holley, AKRF – Wyandanch Rising

David Winzelberg, LI Business News, Moderator


Arts & Destinations

Downtowns can be destinations unto themselves, but they are also great locations for destinations within.  Learn about some of the many great places to eat, drink, shop, experience art and music and otherwise enjoy yourself on our Main Streets.

Terry Statz Smith, Arts Alive

Phil Ebel, Great South Bay Brewery

David Saul, The Electric Dudes

Frank Paruolo, LI Board of Realtors

Heather Johnson, Northport Historical Society


Smart Growth Around the Region

Long Island has built some great examples of Smart Growth in our downtowns and transit hubs, but more can always be learned from the successes of other developments.  Learn about projects from around the New York metro area and how their successes can inform how we develop here.

Matt Carmody, VHB – Roosevelt Island

Forest City Ratner Companies

SOM : Architecture

Steven Jacobs, U3 Advisors

Jaime Stover, Mill Creek – Jersey City

Ron Stein, Vision Long Island

Charles Lane, NPR, Moderator


Sandy Recovery

Superstorm Sandy struck the Tri-State area in October 2012. When the second anniversary arrived last month, many South Shore residents were still not home and some who did return were bogged down in a tangle of red tape, misinformation and debt. This workshop will include an update from NY Rising officials, along with discussions about infrastructure and an update from some afflicted communities.

Jon Kaiman, Governor’s Advisor, NYS Office of Storm Recovery

Vanessa Pino Lockel, NY Rising

Matt Milea, NYS DOS

Paul Beyer, NYS Director of Smart Growth

Deborah Kirnon, St. Anne’s Parish Outreach

Jon Siebert, Friends of Long Island, Moderator



LI REDI stands for Responsible Economic Development Initiative. It’s Renaissance Downtown’s campaign to invest in critical infrastructure and gain public support with the goal of reversing the unsustainable living environment prompting many to leave. The ‘Long Island is REDI’ campaign kicked off with a conference focusing on Millenials this fall. This panel will include representatives of unions and developers discussing the viability of this and other regional plans.

Don Monti, Renaissance Downtowns

Joe Montelbano, Greater New York Laborers Coop and Education Trust

Anthony Macagnone, Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters

Keith Archer, Harras Bloom & Archer

Bill Tuyn, Forbes Homes, Moderator

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As a community, business or government leader on Long Island, we would like to invite you once again to join us at the 13th Annual Smart Growth Summit, being held on Friday, November 21st from 8am-4pm at the Melville Marriott.

Last year’s event drew nearly 1,100 civic, chambers, developers, environmentalists, design professionals, business leaders, young people and federal, state, county, town and village officials from Long Island and the region.

Thanks to the work of the broader Smart Growth movement there are now many examples of downtown transformation taking shape.  The Summit continues to tackle the needs of leaders working in the field where it is practical to learn from and support each others initiatives.  The post Sandy efforts of neighborhood and government leaders are bringing resources from the State and Federal government to help rebuild our communities with unprecedented investments in our infrastructure.  There is still tremendous work to do to realize the goal of helping many Long Island communities realize their vision of downtown renewal and enhanced placemaking.

The 13th Annual Smart Growth Summit will feature networking, a trade show, over 20 workshops, a youth summit and plenary sessions on regional and local issues facing mixed-use development. Some sessions will include: downtown revitalization, wastewater infrastructure, financing Smart Growth, downtown retail, transit-oriented development, clean energy, youth leadership, regional projects, fair housing/segregation, off Island case examples, post-Sandy resiliance and many others to be announced in the coming weeks based on input from the broader movement.

Our goal is to once again have over 1,100 leaders working together. So here is where we need your help: please plan to join us and consider sponsoring the event.   (Note the lunch session is already close to selling out) Attached is sponsorship and registration information (limited scholarships are available for community & youth leadership). If you have any questions, please call us at 631-261-0242.

If you are one of the thousands of Long Island leaders who have joined us in the past, please do so again. If you are new to the event and the Smart Growth movement, please consider partnering with us this year. Either way, we need your leadership, presence and voice to make great places a reality on Long Island.

Online Registration Is Open!!!!!!