Amazon Places One of Two East Coast Headquarters in Queens

Amazon has announced that it will place one of two East Coast Headquarters in nearby Long Island City, bringing 25,000 new jobs to the region, but with numerous other impacts as well.

This will mean a number of things for the region.  Clearly there are many benefits to having this type of economic expansion, but it will still be very important to have Queens residents, business owners, and NYC plan the details of the expansion effort.  Public benefits from the trillion dollar company will need to exceed the economic development package offered to them by NYS and NYC, and mitigation of their transportation impact should be tackled through the SEQRA process as the plan moves from announcement to reality.

As for the financial impacts to Long Island, an important is that the economic growth that is slowly advancing in our many downtowns should continue.  This is especially important given the effort is driven largely by communities, municipalities and our local business base. It is critical that our small business community continue to grow and be in a position to benefit on a parallel path as large tech companies increasingly occupy large market share of our economy.

“There would be a symbiotic relationship between what is happening with Amazon’s growth and Long Island’s economy.  There would be benefits, there would be jobs in the region,” said Vision Long Island Director Eric Alexander.  “We need to make sure that economic development dollars grow our small business space and not just simply subsidize large corporations coming out here.”

Verizon Fios 1 News visited us in Hicksville for feedback on the Amazon announcement and you can check out the story here.