Commuters Celebrate Return of N1 Line to Nassau

Four years ago bus riders in Elmont and Valley Stream were dismayed to hear that the northbound N1 bus would be cut, disrupting their morning commute.

In a move that’s being cheered by local residents, the early bus is being restored after two years of lobbyhing NICE bus and the efforts of local legislators.  Commuters were frustrated with the initial removal of the 6:45 bus because the next one, at 7:45, often would arrive at the LIRR station too late for people to get to work by 9 AM.  This all in an area where 25% of local residents use public transportation.

“I’ve had to use Ubers, taxis or get a ride from a friend who would drive me to the LIRR,” said local resident Yvonne Andrews. “We were always trying to figure out how we were going to get there because being late to work wasn’t an option.”

Riders would often find themselves at the mercy of an inconsistent schedule where a late or ill-timed bus meant that they would be late to work or seek alternative transportation.  Sometimes this meant paying for ridesharing or taxi services, or even walking several miles to get to a more convenient form of public transportation.  Riders conveyed all this to both local legislators as well as NICE bus itself.  NICE actually cited customer feedback as part of the reason for restoring the line.

Nassau County Legislator Carrié Solages, who was a big part of the push to restore the line, is now working to get the word out to local riders.  His office hopes that volume will pick back up on the line in order to ensure that it remains in service and will not get canceled again. 

“I’m glad that residents and I were able to work with NICE Bus to obtain this earlier southbound N1 Bus,” stated Legislator Solages. “This earlier route will make it easier for residents to get to work on time, with less stress.”

Vision was happy to see the return of this important bus service in Nassau County for the communities of Elmont and Valley Stream.  Special thanks to both NICE bus for bringing this key line back in service and for the advocacy of Legislator Solages to make this a key item in the budget.

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