Developers of Former Sears Site in Hicksville Hold Informational Meeting

Vision Board and staff were out with members of the Hicksville Downtown Revitalization Committee at the Hicksville Community Center to hear plans for the proposed development at the former Sears site.  The event, hosted by developers Seritage Growth Properties, was not noticed and audience assembled by word of mouth, but the reaction was the same as past plans: plenty of questions and still largely negative. 

The proposed project would be built on the site of the former Sears building in Hicksville, which was promised to the developers by the previous Oyster Bay administration and former planning director.  However, the proposal has no relationship with the ongoing revitalization of Hicksville’s downtown, centered on the LIRR station.

The development would attempt to shift that center of activity to the Sears location, which runs counter to the years of substantial improvements and community outreach that the Town has been conducting.  Hicksville’s downtown has historically been the train station and Broadway area as the center of community for local residents for years and is their preferred area for redevelopment.

The current proposal shows triple the amount of previous development on the site from roughly 300,000 sf of development to nearly 900,000 sf but the community benefit is unclear.  There are 500 apartments planned that would have monthly rents of $3,000 to $3,500 range with no affordable units.   The developers promised to outline their proposed public benefits at future meetings.   The big question asked at the meeting, and will be asked more clearly in future meetings and hearings is: It is clear that the development is good for the developer but how is this project good for downtown Hicksville?  

Seritage are scheduled to speak with the Hicksville Community Council next week and the Hicksville Chamber in the coming weeks to try and answer some of the lingering questions.  Stay tuned for future updates…..