Downtown Revitalization Wins Big in Village Elections

This past Tuesday saw voters in Village elections once again elect Mayors and Trustees who are supportive of downtown revitalization efforts. This year’s tally showed revitalization supporters win in all 6 of the 6 communities contested.

In Freeport, Trustee Deputy Mayor and Jorge Martinez was re-elected and Trustee candidate Christopher Squeri was elected.  This comes as Freeport has plans for North Main Street, and had approved a TOD development adjacent to its train station.  The Village also are working to improve pedestrian safety on North Main Street.

In Hempstead, Trustee Jeff Daniels was re-elected and former trustee Waylon Hobbs was elected.  The Village currently has three pending TOD projects that have been part of past revitalization plans awaiting approval.

Lynbrook saw incumbent Mayor Alan Beach overwhelmingly re-elected along with Trustees Robert Bocchio and Ann Marie Reardon.  The Village has been working on a new movie theatre, downtown restaurants, and both a small and large TOD development.  Unfortunately, issues in this election were fueled by toxic social media and divisive reporting, but the results were radically different, showing a support among residents for the continued revitalization.

In Valley Stream Mayor Ed Fare and other incumbents are ahead by nearly 500 votes, with absentee ballots left to be counted.  Valley Stream has been very active in approving TOD projects and most recently moving a municipal building downtown.

Babylon Mayor Ralph Scordino was re-elected as well.  Babylon has started to approve smaller TOD projects, and has a downtown theatre while maintaining a robust business district.

Northport saw Trustee Mercy Smith elected over a surprise write-in challenge from a former candidate. Northport has recently approved a controversial downtown hotel and large scale restaurant.

Local Village officials and elections are important because they help keep attention focused on local Main Streets.  Their success is critical to the prospects of healthy downtown business districts.   Incorporated Villages and community minded Towns are the few places in our public life where residents can trust and collaborate together across party lines on local issues.  Vision urges everyone to take an interest in the politics of their own neighborhood and participate in local elections.

Congratulations and well wishes to all the Mayors and Trustees for their election or reelection to one of the most critical positions in Long Island government.