East Farmingdale Vision Project Ending

The Town of Babylon has announced that the East Farmingdale Vision project will be officially brought to a close, bringing to a close several years of planning for the development.

Vision Long Island has received a number of inquiries on this turn of events, but we have not reviewed the final document and will comment more formally when we do.  In the meantime, here is what we know.

Vision staff attended a couple of the informational sessions that had sparse turnout and were aware of the process. It was good to see the East Farmingdale Civic and some of the property owners plugged into the meetings and the feedback on the initial proposal of six-story buildings and 2700 units of housing was understandably negative.  It is our understanding that a revised proposal of four-story buildings and less units were proposed as an alternate, but at that point opposition had already set in.

This episode is another reason why it is critical to work closely with local community, business and municipal leadership well before plans become a scale that is unacceptable to the area. We hope some projects that could complement the potential opening of an East Farmingdale train station move forward and those can be planned on a site by site basis within the jurisdiction of the Town of Babylon.

You can read more about the end of the East Farmingdale project here.