Elmont Makes School Speed Zone Official

After more than a decade of attempts to address the auto accidents that occur along Dutch Broadway, officials have created a School Speed Zone to try and slow down speeding cars.

The latest push came in response to a Halloween crash that left 4 students injured, two critically, after a car come onto the sidewalk as a result a crash.  Another unfortunate incident would come in December when another student was struck.  Those were hardly the first of such crashes, however, and that fact helped to spur numerous local officials into finally addressing the area. 

Meanwhile, Nassau County Legislator CarriĆ© Solages had been working for years to get the Nassau County administration to address speeding on the road.  When Laura Curran took over as County Executive, her administration would provide the support he had been seeking and created a study of the road.  A meeting also took place in November with Town Supervisor Laura Gillen, who would go on to launch an initiative to lower the speed limit of the road. 

The process included the Town of Hempstead passing a resolution to request the State Department of Transportation approve a school zone and lower the speed to a more appropriate 20 mph.  State Legislator Michaelle Solages helped to expedite the request, which was approved and implemented.

The next step in the process will be to create a public education effort around the new signs so ensure the drivers will drive appropriately in the newly created zone.  Officers will work to do that and enforce the new speed in the coming months as new signage is put up along the road.

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