Elmont Residents call for Road Safety after Crash

A recent accident that injured four teenage bystanders on an Elmont role has residents talking about street safety in the small hamlet.

This past Halloween saw the intersection of Dutch Broadway and Elmont Road play host to a four-car accident where one of the vehicles went off the road and struck four teenagers just as they were leaving school.  While the investigation into why is still ongoing, residents have stated that they are not interested in the why of this particular incident as they are in why these accidents keep happening on the same stretch of road.  Police have noted that the stretch has a higher-than-usual volume of injuries and accidents.

The issue has been an ongoing source of frustration for local officials and residents since at least 2015 when Nassau Legislator Carrie Solages took high-ranking officials on a tour of the local road.  Residents claim that a big problem is motorists increasing to a high speed once the road goes from one lane to two.  Some claim to have seen cars traveling upwards of 60 mph on the small road after that.

“Clearly, speeding is a deadly problem at this intersection, and traffic-calming measures are needed as soon as possible,” said NYS Senator Kaminsky, who is working with the local civic on this issue.  “An immediate traffic study is warranted, and I have already spoken to county officials, who are optimistic that one can begin promptly.”

The new Curran administration is looking to move forward on a traffic study for the area and has sent out RFP’s for additional traffic controls, but in the meantime local activists are talking about other possible solutions.  There is a petition to increase the rate of work in the area.  This sense of urgency comes from concern that the new Belmont arena will bring increased traffic to the area.  Some have also called for the road to be designated a school zone with a 20 mph speed limit due to its proximity to Elmont Memorial High School.

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