Glen Cove Officials and Residents Join Walking Audit with Vision & AARP

Vision was out last week with our friends at AARP for a Walking Audit of downtown Glen Cove.

The audit was conducted with municipal officials from City of Glen Cove, AARP members, and Vision staff, who all traveled through the main areas of the downtown and connected with new development at the waterfront as well as the new construction at the piazza.

Many of the areas toured can be improved from crosswalks, mid-block crossings, lane narrowing, accessibility and speed reduction that we will delineate in a report. While the roads in the heart of downtown Glen Cove were pretty safe and comfortable, the higher volume roads adjacent to downtown were difficult and unsafe to cross. 

Some crosswalks could use simple upgrades but other areas were missing crosswalks altogether.  Street trees for both traffic calming and shade and wider sidewalks in many locations would improve the pedestrian experience significantly.

Congratulations to the City of Glen Cove for providing excellent input, representatives from RXR for helping understand the timeline of the simultaneous construction, and the members of the Age Friendly Task Force who turned out to assist for this tour.