Hempstead Hosts Informational Meeting on Baldwin’s Revitalization 

Vision Long Island was out in support at a recent informational meeting hosted by the Town of Hempstead for the proposed overlay zone in downtown Baldwin. 

Vision is currently working with VHB and the Town of Hempstead to develop an overlay zone allowing for mixed-use development along Grand Ave from the Baldwin LIRR station to Merrick Road.  The higher density development would be closest to the train station, with a more medium density near shops along Merrick Road, and a lower density transition zone in between. 

Informational stations at the meeting focused on the boundaries of the overlay zone and heights allowed in each portion, design guidelines to shape the character of development, other community improvements happening within Baldwin such as improvements to Silver Lake Park and the Nunley’s mural, the complete streets project for Grand Avenue, information learned from developers to ensure successful development, and how projects are financed.

Residents of Baldwin have been waiting for decades to see redevelopment and revitalization along Grand Avenue, a vital part of Baldwin’s downtown.  This overlay zone will help remove red tape that has discouraged investment and allowed properties to decline, while also encourage new development in the downtown area.  Most of the more than 200 community members in attendance were in favor of the proposal, many asking “when will they start building?”  

The overlay zone is being coordinated with the complete streets road project along Grand Avenue which will enhance walkability within the zone.  Vision Long Island applauds the Town’s efforts to provide information to residents who are eager to see change come to their downtown. 

Part of the inspiration for the local community has been seeing other downtown take off in recent years.  In particular, the civic has spent time touring Farmingdale, which was in a similar situation to Baldwin just a few years ago and is now rising quickly as a destination in the local region.  While the plan for Baldwin’s revitalization draws inspiration from Farmingdale’s model, there are differences.  However, one aspect that the civic would like to import is Farmingdale’s commitment to transparency during the process. 

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