Hempstead Proposes Rezoning Area near Inwood and Lawrence LIRR Stations

In a move that could possibly bring walkable neighborhoods to the local area, Hempstead officials have proposed rezoning the area near the Inwood and Lawrence LIRR Stations.

The area in question is currently occupied by a number of industrial buildings, derelict areas, commercial yards, and sporadic housing.  However, the new code on the table would allow for buildings upwards of five stories that could contain up to 60 units per acre.  That would drop to three stories and 14 units per acre as it moves farther away from the rail stations. The proposal has also drawn support from the local civic as well as numerous local organizations.   

“We’re pretty excited about it,” said Inwood Civic Association president David Hance. “The area definitely needs to be revitalized.”

Blakeman also spoke about other hotspots for revitalization across the island, such as Farmingdale, and noted that the rezoning could increase both property value and rezoning.  That is reliant on new development, of course.

“They’re good communities, but because of haphazard zoning … [they] have far too much industrial and commercial mixed in with residential, which has created virtually a ghost town after sundown and has created public safety issues and has created blight,” said Hempstead Councilman Bruce Blakeman. “The only way to correct that is to completely rezone.”

There would be an affordable housing element as well, with 10 to 20 percent of the units coming in at 60 to 100 percent of median income.  There would also be priority for area residents for those units, with service members and firefighters receiving preference.

The new section of coding will be drafted by Cameron Engineering & Associates, who was hired for the job by the Town.

Vision Long Island Director Eric Alexander also spoke about the project, noting that proximity to NYC and the LIRR station means that the rezoning proposal “makes perfect sense.”

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