Historic Roslyn Building Rehabilitated to Downtown Office Space

Vision Board and staff were out Friday in downtown Roslyn in support of new office space rehabilitating a historic building in disrepair.

It was heartening to see a historic part of the local community revived through the efforts of National Grid and PSEG Long Island, as well as an assist from the Village of Roslyn.  The historic building had sat blighted and dormant for years before two separate grants of $26,000 or more from PSEG and National Grid were awarded.  Developer & owner Michael Puntillo celebrated the building’s official ribbon cutting ceremony Friday with officials from both utilities, the Village of Roslyn and local business groups. The grants were part of PSEG Long Island’s new Main Street Revitalization program and National Grid’s Cinderella Program.

“PSEG Long Island is proud to support our local communities,” said John Keating, manager of economic development for PSEG Long Island.

“We know the Long Island economy thrives on small businesses, which is why PSEG Long Island created the Main Street Revitalization and Vacant Space Revival Programs. These two programs help small business owners like Michael Puntillo get a head start toward a successful future in our downtowns. It is a win-win for all.”

“Through our Cinderella grant program, we are happy to support bridging the gap between what the local community wants and what the business community needs by maximizing existing infrastructure and revitalizing this building to add to the community. National Grid is proud to work with Michael Puntillo on this important project in the Village of Roslyn,” said Kathy Wisnewski, manager of Community and Customer, National Grid.

The two-story brick building was built in the early 20th century, serving at various times as the Nassau County Police Department’s Sixth Precinct Station House and the Lillian M. Pierce Senior Center. It remained vacant for years until Mr. Puntillo brought some luster back to the historic structure. He renovated the space with a new sprinkler system, installed energy efficient windows, and will be installing state-of-the-art HVAC equipment, to create a welcoming, modern environment for new businesses to occupy.

“The Roslyn Landmark Society is happy to support the restoration project of the former Senior Citizen building, the redevelopment of this property will benefit Roslyn as well as add to the ambiance of the Historic District,” said Jennifer Lister, director of the Roslyn Landmark Society.

“Seeing new office space arise out of a rehabilitated historic building will bring jobs while preserving the character of a historic downtown. Kudos to PSEG Long Island and National Grid for their partnership in assisting this important project,” said Eric Alexander, director of Vision Long Island.

PSEG Long Island’s Main Street Revitalization Program is designed to support the economic vitality of a business district and to optimize the use of existing electric infrastructure. This program offers grants for projects that are expected to improve the economic stability and growth of a local business district. Eligible projects include: interior renovations; facade improvements; streetscape improvements; and other investments that would enhance the economic viability/vibrancy of the business district.

The National Grid Cinderella Program provides matching grants up to $250,000 for eligible costs to municipal, non-profit development corporations and private developers to offset a portion of the costs of redeveloping and revitalizing vacant buildings in critical downtown districts and main street corridors. This program is designed to assist communities in the redevelopment of those underutilized assets. To help improve their economic viability, attract new investment, and capitalize on their distinct development potential.

Mr. Puntillo stated, “The support I received from both PSEG Long Island and National Grid was invaluable. Their funding made this extensive, carefully crafted renovation possible. It is an honor to be recognized by both organizations.”