Lindenhurst Presents Master Plan Recommendations for Resident Review

Vision was out in the Village of Lindenhurst to join with nearly 150 residents and business owners reviewing the recommendations in their Downtown Master Plan.

Mayor Mike Lavorata and Trustee RJ Renna were on hand to outline the process for the study.  Consultants from GPI who prepared the plan included Frank Wefering, Ankita Rathi and Frank Pearson reviewed the results of the outreach effort. Over 1100 residents were surveyed with a focus on diversity/development, accessibility/connections, infrastructure and branding.  The final plan is expected to be reveled next month.

Questions that were raised by residents included parking, securing the right mix of retail, creating public spaces and key crosswalks and pedestrian safety features among others.

Suffolk Legislator Kevin McCaffrey was present alongside representatives of the Lindenhurst Chamber and many community organizations. 

Congratulations to the Village, the consultant team and all of the members of the community who participated in this really productive session.

You can read more about this meeting in Newsday.