Long Island Lobby Coalition Hosts 12th Annual Lobby Day in Albany

A Diverse coalition of Long Island small businesses, civics, human services, downtown planners, labor, environment, and transportation advocates headed to Albany for the 12th annual Long Island Lobby Day this week.

The Long Island Lobby Coalition will traveled to Albany this past Tuesday, February 25th to meet with the LI Senate and Assembly delegations and the Governor’s office on the coalition’s legislative and budget priorities for 2020. Dozens of small business and community leaders urged state representatives to secure funding for important transportation, sewage and infrastructure projects, housing, human services, champion environmental programs and support legislation to benefit small business and encourage economic development.

The Long Island Lobby Coalition was founded in 2009 as a diverse alliance of organizations working together to advance meaningful improvements to Long Island’s quality of life and our economy.  Since its founding, 15 bills on the Coalitions agenda have been enacted into law, and nearly 20 budget and regulatory proposals were approved with key Long Island infrastructure projects funded.

This year’s agenda included: Transportation with funding for LI buses, pedestrian safety & commuter tax benefits; Economic development such as small business savings accounts, support for local manufacturing, small business tax cuts and funding for downtowns; Water, Energy & Environment concerns that included water quality, off shore wind, and solar energy; Housing & Human Services such as affordable housing, child care, childhood nutrition, veterans services & support for family caregivers.; and Ten Major Infrastructure projects for Long Island communities.

Meetings during the day included the LI Senate Majority Delegation including Hon. Monica Martinez, Hon. James Gaughran, Hon. Kevin Thomas, Hon. Anna Kaplan, Hon. John Brooks, and Hon. Todd Kaminsky. We also met with Senate Minority Leader Hon. John Flangan. The LI Assembly Delegation also met with our group, including Hon. Steve Engelbright, Hon. Phil Ramos, Hon. Chuck Lavine, Hon. Fred Thiele, Hon. Ed Ra, Hon. Kimberly Jean-Pierre, Hon. Michaelle Solages, Hon. Michael Montesano, Hon. Judy Griffin, Hon. John Mikulin, and Hon. Steve Stern. To close the day the coalition met with Governor Cuomo’s policy team, which included representatives from the legislative office, transportation, environment, and budget staff.

“There are a great deal of competing interests represented in the halls of Albany and Long Island’s needs can differ dramatically from the rest of the state.  That’s why it’s so critical that we unite our voices and carry a clear message to our elected officials on critical issues for small businesses, sewer infrastructure needs, expanding solar, public transportation and more” said Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment.

John R. Durso, President of the Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO said, “The Long Island Lobby coalition has reconvened to better the lives of working people throughout our region.  We have are once again returning to Albany with a robust agenda aimed at preserving, protecting, and enhancing the quality of life of all citizens on Long Island.”  Durso continued, “Including Nassau and Suffolk Counties in the Facilitated Child Care Enrollment initiative, continuing the state’s focus on expansion of the offshore wind industry, and making critical infrastructure investments, particularly around preserving water quality, are areas we believe collectively our elected officials must take action to move the region forward.”

“Bringing resources back from Albany to our local communities has been a theme of our collective work and the best voices to deliver that message are the community and small business leaders themselves.   We look forward to a dialogue with our elected representatives in the NYS Senate , Assembly and the Governor’s team to make the unique needs of our many communities get their fair share of resources,” said Eric Alexander, Director, Vision Long Island & LI Main Street Alliance

This year is the coalition’s 12th year with over 100 organizations in support and 40 of the groups represented at the Lobby Day. Stay tuned for a full summary on Vision Long Island’s Facebook page. You can read a preliminary report from Long Island Business News here.