Long Island Youth Summit April 8, 2016


The 7th Annual Long Island Youth Summit April 8, 2016

The Summit will bring together over 300 talented high school students for a day of interactive workshops with experts in the fields of medicine, environment, business and the economy, and leadership. The Summit offers students a unique opportunity to represent their high school and the youth of Long Island.

The participation in this program is free for high school students and teachers; there are no costs involved in submitting projects.

This year’s issues and subtopics are:

    1. Socio-Medical Issues – Subtopics: Bullying, Cyber Bullying and Social Networking; Teens and the Abuse of Prescription Medications; and Teen Mental Health, Self Esteem, and Well Being;
    2. Environmental Issues – Subtopics: The Issue of Solid Waste; Renewable Energy; Protection of Water; and The Future of LI: Climate Change;
    3. (3) Community Issues – Subtopics: Living on Long Island: Economic Development, Housing, Transportation, and Community; Inequality on Long Island: Race, Class, Education and the Economy.
    4. (4) Special Issue – Leadership.

You will find everything you need to participate in the Summit at www.dowling.edu/youthsummit. Sponsorships are still avaiable!


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