Lynbrook Residents Discuss Capri Motel Redevelopment

Vision was out this week in the Village of Lynbrook listening to local residents providing input for redevelopment of the Capri Hotel by developers Terwilliger & Bartone.

We were happy to see over 100 residents drop in and provide their perspectives on the design of the project. The project includes plans to tear down the old hotel on the site, which has long troubled local residents, who have complained about crimes and police activity in the area.  It is hoped that a mutli-family residential project can be built instead.

Questions from residents included school district impact, parking, taxes and look and feel of the building.   There has been a very favorable reaction to date, but stay tuned for further info.

Kudos to developers Anthony Bartone and Fran Terwilliger for reaching out to the residents before a project design is submitted. Their actions will help to create design more in line with the character of the neighborhood.  Great to see folks at the Lynbrook Chamber participate as well.

You can read more at the Tear Down Carpi website, created by Terwilliger & Bartone, here.