Newsday Rolls out Long Island Plan Based on Millennial Views

Vision Board and staff were out this week to hear as Newsday rolled out their plan for Long Island, based on the views and attitudes of the 18-34 millennial population.

The report covered a variety of topics, including taxes, cost of living, housing costs, diversity, views on police, among other areas.  A number of the issues covered are ones that many local downtowns are also grappling with as they try to move forward with new projects aimed at growing or retaining local populations.

Not all millennials have left yet, however, as the 18-34 group is the largest population group in our two counties. Two thirds of the group are paying attention to government and public affairs, according to the report, and they support housing policies as well as recreational marijuana.  Newsday also found that 62% see a bright future for Long Island and that 55% feel they live in a diverse neighborhood.

In addition to the report, Newsday has created a digital town square to create “Facilitated conversations on the future of Long Island.”  Their past forums will be modified with rules to balance viewpoints and come to consensus.

Newsday is hoping to encourage young people to engage in the civic community and envisions “Flash mobs of millennials coming to zoning meetings.”

The report is available on and will be sent to their 200,000 subscribers.