Numbers Show Alternate Transportation Options need Funding

Vision Long Island was happy to see a recent article in Newsday talking about Long Islanders who are using alternate transportation options beyond just driving and taking the train.

While expanding existing public transportation services as well as safe routes for biking and walking is important, alternate transportation options are also becoming a part of the equation.  As our region plans for more walkable communities, it becomes increasingly important to have a thought to the future as well as funding for these alternate options, as well as for more traditional ones such as busses.

“Biking, walking and bus service just don’t get the dollars,” said Vision Long Island Director Eric Alexander. “There’s an inequity in that.”

The inequity comes from the fact that governments tend to focus solely on rail and highway improvements when allocating transportation funding.  While those are necessary, they are just one part of transportation needs that the island faces.  These sorts of subjects will be covered at the upcoming Long Island Complete Streets Summit, where we will be tracking these issues as well as other transportation priorities for Long Island.

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