NYIT to sell most of Remaining Central Islip Campus

The New York Institute of Technology has announced its intent to sell off most of its abandoned college campus in Central Islip.

Located near the federal court complex and the Long Island Ducks baseball stadium, the boarded-up campus had long been considered an eyesore in the surrounding region.  Previously a state hospital, the site has sat unused for 15 years since NYIT closed the college.  Now they will look to sell off 100 acres of the property, which residents are hopeful can lead to a revitalization of the area.

“There’s been some redevelopment at the site, there has been housing and some commercial space, some retail space also,” said Vision Long Island Director Eric Alexander. “Now these remaining acres can be housing, some public space, maybe some job development, but coordinated with the local community and with the town.”

Local residents have expressed a desire to see a community-oriented development on the unused land.  Some have expressed a desire for an indoor-outdoor facility focused on children.  “These buildings, they are an eyesore,” said local resident Leigh-Ann Romain. “They are also a golden opportunity to make something better for Central Islip.”

The site has seen some use since the closing of the campus, with a Family Health Care Center and a dedicated 100+ acre plot used by the Central Islip Union Free School District.  However NYIT, which is a nonprofit, is hoping to sell the land to credible developers who will create buildings to benefit the local community.  The institution is currently in contract with developers for 106 acres on the site who have pledged to do just that.

The Town of Islip has yet to receive application from any developers and the parcel is partially zoned for education purposes.  Any other use would need to be approved by the Town before a project could move forward.

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