NYS Passes Food Waste Bill

New York State has passed a new bill that will work to reduce the amount of food waste currently going to landfills in the state.

The new legislation will require entities that produce over 2 tons of food waste per week, mainly grocery stores, colleges, and restaurants, to begin to sort their food for donation to help feed the hungry.  They will also be required to report the amount donated to the state each year.  Food that is not wholesome enough for consumption must instead be recycled instead of going to a landfill. 

The recycling requirement will apply only if the entity is within 25 miles of a food scrap recycler with capacity.  This can include compost or to an anaerobic digester such as the facility in Yaphank run by American Organic Energy.  This will help to generate clean energy while lowering the amount of pollution generated by vehicles that would be required to haul the waste elsewhere.

“We cannot keep sending food to landfills,” said NYS Senator Todd Kaminsky.  “This bill that I’m so proud is signed into law will help feed the hungry and help reduce greenhouse gasses.”

Congratulations to NYS Senator Todd Kaminsky and leaders in the Assembly for passage of the bill and advocates Adrienne Esposito from Citizens Campaign Environment and Randi Dresner from Island Harvest for pushing this important issue forward.  This bill was a priority for Long Island Lobby Coalition, who is happy to see another support bill pass, the tenth such win this year to date.

You can see more here.