Smart Growth, Livability & New Urbanist Sites

Congress for the New Urbanism Their annual conference convenes planners, architects, developers and activists from across the nation and around the world to advance best practices in planning and development.

Growth Management Leadership Alliance (GMLA) Regional leaders from the United States and Canada coming together to institute Smart Growth policies and actions.

National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education, University of Maryland; A non-partisan center for research and leadership training on Smart Growth and related land use issues nationally and internationally.”

National Main Street Center A project of the National Trust for Historic Preservation focussed on the revitalization of commercial centers.

New Urbanism: Creating Livable Sustainable Communities “Giving more people more choices about where and how they want to live.”

The Seaside Institute Using Seaside, Florida as a living example, the Seaside Institute studies the benefits of new Urbanist communities and how to improve upon that model.

The Sierra Club & Sprawl Advances Smart Growth education and policy through their informative “Challange to the Sprawl Campaign”.

Smart Growth America A coalition of nearly 100 advocacy organizations supporting community-based Smart Growth planning.

Smart Growth Online An extraordinary resource for anyone looking to advance higher quality land use and development.

Sustainable Communities Network Considers Sprawl and Smart Growth as they pertain to the broader notion of sustainability.

Fighting Sprawl

Sprawl-busters;Sprawl-Busters Consultants help local community coalitions on-site to design and implement successful campaigns against megastores and other undesirable large-scale developments.”

Consulting, Planning, Design Firms

Dover, Kohl & Partners “Focused on revitalizing traditional towns, growing neighborhoods, and fixing sprawl — by design”

Duany-Plater Zyberk & Company “In addition to its design work, the firm is widely recognized as a leader of the international movement against the proliferation of suburban sprawl.”

National Charrette Institute “A nonprofit educational institution that helps communities achieve healthy transformation through collaborative planning processes that harnesses the talents and energies of all interested parties to create and support a buildable plan.”

Urban Advantage Envisioning Smart Growth “Working with architects, planning staff, and citizen groups, we create visions of pedestrian-friendly, socially-interactive communities by transforming photographs with photo-editing software.”

Walkable Communitites “Organized for the express purposes of helping whole communities, whether they are large cities or small towns, or parts of communities…become more walkable and pedestrian friendly.”

State and City Initiatives Across the USA

1000 Friends of Maryland “A coalition of business and development companies, architectural and historical preservation organizations, community and environmental groups. Our mission is twofold: to preserve what is best about Maryland and to encourage sensible growth.”

Coalition for a Livable Future “A network of 60 non-profit and community-based organizations working together to create a more equitable and sustainable Portland metropolitan region.”

Citistates “A network of journalists, speakers and civic leaders focused on building competitive, equitable and sustainable 21st century metropolitan regions.”

Maryland Smart Growth Office of the Maryland Department of Planning.

New York State Guide to Planning & Zoning Laws

Vancouver, BC The city’s official website

The Vermont Forum on Sprawl Works to “preserve Vermont’s unique working landscape and quality of life while encouraging economic vitality in community centers.”

L I Organizations Helping to Advance Smarter Growth

Long Island Neighborhood Network Improves Long Island quality of life by advancing natural resource conservation, environmental health and safety, and open and ethical government practices.

Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization Organized by community members and transportation advocates to educate about and advocate for Smart Growth alternatives to Suffolk County’s proposal to widen CR16.

Long Island Pine Barrens Society Advocates for the preservation of the Long Island Pine Barrens.

Long Island Progressive Coalition “A community-based organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development, revitalizing local communities, enhancing human dignity, creating effective democracy, and achieving economic and social justice.”

Regional Plan Association “An independent, not-for-profit regional planning organization that improves the quality of life and the economic competitiveness of the 31-county New York-New Jersey-Connecticut region through research, planning, and advocacy.”

Long Island Housing Partnership Provides “housing opportunities for those persons who otherwise would be unable to afford decent and safe homes…through mortgage counseling, housing development, and promotion of affordable ownership and rental units for low and moderate income Long Islanders.

Issue-Specific Links

Affordable Housing

HUD’s Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse Information on laws, regulations, and policies affecting the development, maintenance, improvement, availability, and cost of affordable housing.


The Brownfields Center Provides information geared toward helping citizens take an active and effective role in the clean-up and redevelopment of brownfields in their community.


National Town Builders AssociationServes builders and developers working to build traditional neighborhoods and town centers.

Civic Action

The Brownfields Center Provides information geared toward helping citizens take an active and effective role in the clean-up and redevelopment of brownfields in their community.

Local Government Commission (LGC);A great resource for elected officials and community leaders working to create healthy, walkable, and resource-efficient communities.
National Civic League and the Alliance for National Renewal ; “The nation’s oldest and most prestigious community recognition program

National Neighbourhood Coalition “A convener of people and organizations concerned about neighborhoods, a conduit of information about programs and policies, and an advocate for neighbourhoods and community and neighborhood-based organizations.


National Resources Defense Council Facts, images, legislation, how-to’s and how-comes of Smart Growth from an environmental perspective.

Sierra Club Advances Smart Growth education and policy through their informative “Challange to the Sprawl Campaign”


PlanetizenUrban planning news, editorials, classifieds and events.
Planners Web City; Regional Planning Resources.

Public Space

Projects for Public Spaces Helping create and sustain the centerpieces of our communities.

Walkability; Transportation

Reconnecting America Working to join transportation networks to communities.

Surface Transportation Policy Project Advancing safer communities and smarter transportation choices.

Tri-State Transportation Campaign “An alliance of public interest, transit advocacy, planning and environmental organizations working to reverse deepening automobile dependence and sprawl development in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut metropolitan region.” Pedestrian and bicycle information center.

Webzines, Newsletters

Katarxis Produced in Portugal, this webzine offers an international perspective on traditional architecture, urbanism, and New Urbanism.

New Urban News Geared toward design professionals and others interested in “human-scale communities.

Planetizen Urban planning news, editorials, classifieds and events.

Terrain Magazine A bi-annual journal seeking the “interface;the integration; among the built and natural environments, that might be called the soul of place.

The Town Paper Community based planning, new urbanism and traditional neighborhood design.

Portals and other Places for More Information

Cyburbia “The Internet’s oldest portal site for urban planners and others interested in cities and the built environment” Includes an image hosting gallery, mailing list and newsgroup information, and a very active message board.

Resource for Urban Design Information; an independent unbiased resource which commissions, researches and creates materials, and also re-publishes significant documents contributed by professional and government bodies, practitioners, academics and community organisations.

Sierra Club Smart Growth links

Smart Growth Network’s Smart Growth Resource Library

Sprawl Watch Clearinghouse An extensive resource for books, websites, organizations and reports covering a broad variety of topics.

Together Foundation’s Best Practices Database Solutions database for common social, economic and environmental problems of an urbanising and globalising world.

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