Rte 25 in Suffolk County Named the Most Dangerous Road for the Second Year in a Row

Rte 25 in Suffolk County Named the Most Dangerous Road for the Second Year in a Row

Sometimes winning isn’t really winning. For the second year in a row, Route 25 in Suffolk County received the title of the most dangerous for pedestrians in the Tri-State area, having almost double the amount of pedestrian fatalities as Route 24 in Nassau County, which was ranked 2nd with 11 fatalities between 2011 and 2013.

According to an analysis conducted by Tri-State Transportation Campaign, Suffolk County’s Route 25 (Jericho Turnpike) is not only the most dangerous road for pedestrians in downstate New York, but in the tristate region. Half of the 20 fatalities fatalities occurred within the 11.5-mile stretch from Centereach to Ridge.

In June 2014, a $3.2 million federal grant from Highway Safety Improvement Program funds was awarded for operational and pedestrian safety improvements on one of the region’s most dangerous roads, Route 110, in the Village of Amityville and the towns of Babylon and Huntington in Suffolk County. Additionally, Suffolk County legislators approved $250,000 in annual dedicated funding for implementing the County’s Complete Streets policy.

Although the investments are a step in the right direction, the need is so much greater than the investments made to date.  Campaign Executive Director Veronica Vanderpool indicated towards some of the issues. “At some of these roadways … it can be a half-mile before there’s another crosswalk,” Vanterpool said, “What we see consistently, year after year, is that Long Island is behind the curve as far as their road designs.” Wide lanes, steel fences and guardrails along sidewalks contribute to the potential for pedestrian related incidents.

“This report serves as another exclamation point reminding Long Island public officials that our roadways continue to be dangerous for pedestrians,” said Vision Long Island’s Director Eric Alexander.  “The recommendations contained herein will serve to reverse what has become a descending spiral of poor safety measures in the design of our regions streets. “

Vision Long Island and other organizations will be asking our public officials to address these findings at the 3rd Annual Complete Streets Summit on Friday, April 10. You can learn more about the study by reading Tri-State Transportation’s pressreleasereportsummary, or by checking out media coverage on NY CBSNY Daiy NewsNewsday and News 12 (subscription required).