State and City Initiatives Across the USA

1000 Friends of Maryland “A coalition of business and development companies, architectural and historical preservation organizations, community and environmental groups. Our mission is twofold: to preserve what is best about Maryland and to encourage sensible growth.”

Austin City Smart Growth Initiative . “The City of Austin’s plan to preserve and enhance the livability of Austin by managing our future growth.”

Coalition for a Livable Future “A network of 60 non-profit and community-based organizations working together to create a more equitable and sustainable Portland metropolitan region.”

Citistates “A network of journalists, speakers and civic leaders focused on building competitive, equitable and sustainable 21st century metropolitan regions.”

Envision Utah “Keeping Utah beautiful, prosperous, and neighborly for future generations”

Florida Sustainable Communities Center “a catalyst for promoting best practices in community and facility design and usage”

Maryland Smart Growth Office of the Maryland Department of Planning.

New York State Guide to Planning & Zoning Laws

New Jersey Future “The state’s largest smart-growth advocacy group.”

Vancouver, BC The city’s official website

The Vermont Forum on Sprawl Works to ” preserve Vermont’s unique working landscape and quality of life while encouraging economic vitality in community centers.”