Northport Hotel Wins Final Approval and Tax Breaks

A final site plan for a hotel in downtown Northport has received approval from the Village Board as well as $1.3 million in tax breaks from the Suffolk County IDA.

The plans show 24 rooms for the hotel portion of the project with a 124-seat restaurant and a further 51 seats located at a bar.  The restaurant will be located on the ground floor and is currently planned as an Italian Steakhouse.  There have been concerns among local residents that the development will put stress on the already limited parking in the village.  However the owners, who also own the John W. Engeman Theater across the street, have pledged to add 150 spaces of parking behind the building and a valet service.

“We’re feverishly working toward the next step of the project,” said the prospective hotel owner Kevin O’Neill, who is partial owner with Richard Dolce. “It’s great to have the site plan approval completed, and now we’re moving forward with the appropriate demolition plans.”

The site plan approved came unanimously and will move the long-discussed boutique hotel one step closer to construction on Main Street in the small village.  This comes a few weeks after the approval of a package of tax exemptions and mortgage taxes from the Suffolk County IDA that will total around $1.3 million.  The package is said to be offsetting the approximate cost of building the new parking lot behind the hotel.

Construction will generate around 55 jobs according to the IDA’s economic impact analysis, with $87,000 in taxes being generated in the first year of business.  The $87,000 number is about $20,000 more than the site would generate if it were to remain empty, according to the IDA.

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