Village of Lindenhurst is on the Road to Redevelopment

The Village of Lindenhurst revitalization program was featured in Long Island’s Business News  The cover story touched on the redevelopment and zoning aspect, the new restaurants, the walkability study and action items and of course the positive promotion they have undertaken.

Lindenhurst has moved in recent years to make itself a more welcoming downtown for both residents and people looking to spend a day out.  The current push was born in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, where local residents began wondering if restoration of residential damage couldn’t also extend to a flagging downtown area.

Beginning in 2016, action began to take shape as the village held a number of visioning meetings designed to draw inspiration from local models of restoration.  Lindenhurst has since enacted a number of changes that include a floating zone to fit a number of different uses, a streamlined approval process, the hiring of Greenman Pedersen, Inc (GPI) to gather data on walkability for a master plan, and approved a new apartment complex in the area.

“The process has moved along faster than I expected,” said Lindenhurst Mayor Michael Lavarota. “We’ve tried to fast-track businesses. We’ve been excited to see what’s going on. Four or five new places have opened in just the last few months.”

And the results are starting to come in as people take notice of the changes.  Though there are still vacancies and growth can never come fast enough to a downtown looking to revitalize, there are plenty of signs that a buzz is starting grow around the downtown. Lindenhurst received a $350,000 grant to improve their downtown just recently and new restaurants are also beginning to open up and Northport-based Sand City Brewery is looking to expand into a new space in the downtown.

“Everyone is supporting everyone and networking together, said Naomi Corbo, who owns local hair salon Studio Trio. “We’re always looking to go to places within the village. It’s a good place to be and it’s exciting to see what’s going to happen in the next year or so.”

Eric Alexander, director of Vision Long Island and the Long Island Main Street Alliance, who has assisted with the village’s downtown initiative, said it is yielding results with a range of new restaurants and bars and new housing options.

“The Village of Lindenhurst has taken many of the needed steps to revitalize its downtown that include proper planning, changing codes, focusing on new business, housing, walkability and positive promotion,” Alexander said. “Their village leadership has been working with a slew of local organizations and community leaders to make these changes with the community.”

Congratulations to the Village of Lindenhurst Mayor and Board of Trustees, GPI on the walkability work, along with all the new business that are making investments in the community. Like in many other downtown areas the collaboration between the well managed Village, new businesses and the many local organizations has been the nucleus of their progress.

This thorough Long Island Business News article is definitely worth a read.