Vision & AARP Tour Huntington Station with Town and Community Leaders

AARP hosted a walking tour for Huntington Station that included Town of Huntington staff, long time community leaders, and folks from Huntington Matters and Leadership Huntington.  The tour covered the walkability surrounding the new developments at Gateway Gardens and Northridge, as well as the train station area south to Pulaski.

Excessive speeding, dangerous crossings and a host of other design issues have plagued this area for many years mostly on the State and County roads.  Five of the intersections looked at could all be improved, and we will spell out recommendations for these intersections in a follow up report.

The progress that is finally occurring in the train station in the Huntington area needs to include pedestrian amenities, which in many cases are minor changes but some are more substantive. The good news is that New York State is looking at improvements to the roadway and the County may be taking a look at the 5 corners area as well.

New York Avenue is the spine of Huntington Station but in many areas it is dangerous and difficult to cross with up to 1/3 mile between crossings.  Narrower lanes can help calm traffic as well as allow more space for cyclists, and more frequent crossings with refuge islands can make it easier to cross. 

The five corners area is also dangerous for pedestrians with long distances to cross and only one designated crossing.  A more substantial transformation is needed here with much of the excess pavement space made into space for pedestrians instead.