Greenport Village Officials Weigh Future of Parklets in Downtown

As the pandemic raged on and people began looking for solutions to getting people back into downtowns, Greenport implemented what are referred to as “parklets” to help encourage outdoor dining on Main Street.

Parklets are small sidewalk extensions that provide space and amenities for people to use outside. They are usually created within parking lanes and use several parking spaces. Greenport used them to help encourage walkability and space between downtown visitors. At the same time, local restaurants were able to use them as table space for outdoor diners, creating a safe and pleasant environment for them.

In response to the change, which has been popular among residents, some Village officials have proposed extending the use of the parklets. Indeed, they have been approved through the Thanksgiving season, with a review local code to see if the local parking situation can be improved to be able to extend them longer.

The future of the parklets in Greenport will come down to how viable they can be while still providing parking for residents and visitors during busier times of year. As a popular East End destination, Greenport often struggles with providing enough space to allow for visitors to park.

The idea was not met with universal acceptance among the Village Board, who are afraid that pushing parking too far from the downtown will discourage visitors. There has been some discussion on possibly improving and beautifying other areas of the downtown to provide more parking, but there is not a solid plan for the future as of now. Still, there are plans in the work to possibly improve walkability for both residents and tourists.

“Let’s make that whole area more usable, more visitor friendly,” said Mayor George Hubbard Jr. “The only way to do that is for us to take the lead on that.”

You can read more at the Suffolk Times.